Nurse recounts how her pregnant colleague, who was planning her wedding, died while caring for an Ebola patient (Read)

Nigerian nurse identify as Adaora Okoli on twitter has recounts on how her colleague, who was pregnant and planning for her wedding, died while taking of an Ebola patient.

Justina who died from Ebola

The nurse who is also an Ebola survivor wrote;

Justina was so excited to work at First Consultants. She had just resumed work in July 2014. She was conflicted about taking the job because she lived far from the hospital and had gotten another offer closer to home.I helped convince her. Ebola came to us on July 20. RIP Justina

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Justina who died from Ebola

She was just getting her feet wet on the new job, just like I was. A few days later, morning sickness hit her. She was pregnant and planning her wedding.
When Patrick Sawyer came, she did not hesitate to see him, nor did she call in sick.
Rest in peace, Justina.

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Justina who died from Ebola

On my 2nd night in the isolation, I was awoken by a crying Justina who walked into the room bleeding. She had just lost her pregnancy. Because it was Ebola, she didnt have an ultrasound to check if she had expelled all products of conception.  RIP Justina

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May we not forget the sacrifice. She was a nurse who did her job, gave of herself and died on the line, one whose sacrifice should not be diminished.

Unfortunately, we live in a hierarchical society where we recognize those of a higher status and power. This is reflected in the way we treat people. May we not forget.

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