First football player becomes diagnosed with coronavirus in Italy

A player in the third division of the Italian football league has shown to  become the first professional footballer to be identify with the deadly coronavirus.
As stated by the Italian newspaper, La Nazione, the diagnosed  player is a 22-years-old who plays for US Pianese ASD.
A report on Thursday read: ‘Two new likely to be positive cases of Coronavirus in Tuscany. Both are awaiting confirmation by the Higher Institute of Health.
‘One is a 22-year-old man in the Siena province, a Pianese player, who past Saturday had symptoms in a hotel in Alessandria, where he was training with the team ahead of Sunday’s game [at Juventus U-23s].’
While the identity of the player is yet to be leaked, his club has taken actions to prevent it from passing to the player’s teammates by canceling the team’s training session.
The player was said to have fall I’ll with flu-like symptoms on Saturday and was removed from first-team duties as a precaution. He later put himself into voluntary quarantine before testing positive for COVID-19.

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