Any man who is always available is jobless – Comedian Alibaba

Nigerian godfather of comedy Ali baba who has recently taken up the pride and habit in advising his followers, has recently stated that any man who is always available is jobless.

Taking it to his Instagram page, Ali baba advised and urged his followers to make a better choice and to choose wisely before selecting a life partner and not to let online trends to confuse them up.

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And according to what he said, that it doesn’t mean a man isn’t in love with his woman if he doesn’t see her more often than a man who is usually chanced daily.

See what he wrote below;

“Choose who you want to be with. Don’t let all these people come online to confuse you.

“Any man who is available 24/7… is not the kind of man you want.

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“And if your lady is busy, appreciate her efforts to make it up. Don’t burn out the few moments you have, quarrelling over the times she wasn’t available.

“Our jobs and time required differ. An actor may have all the time in the world for you. But a 9-5 worker can only be available at weekends.

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“Some Naval officers can be away for months. Dont compare them with that photographer that covers weddings and sees you all week.

“Because he sees you every day doesnt mean he loves you more than the one who works hard and sees you once in a week…

“Be guided”

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